Semi Automatic Filling

Single Nozzle Semi-Automatic

Number of packages to be filled at the same time: 1 piece

Number of filling cycles per minute: 1

Fillable grammage range: 500 – 5,000 ml

Stainless Quality to be Used: AISI 304 / Surfaces in contact with the product 316

Felt and o-ring material to be used: Nutring

Nozzle operating system: Pneumatic

Pneumatic brands used: Gy.Pag, Pneumax, Jelpc

Sensor brands used: Sick, Banner, Bedok, Isıso

Brands of electronic materials used: Delta, GMT, Siemens, Telemecanique

Hourly filling capacity at maximum grammage: 500 – 2,500 pieces/h.

Machine width (mm): 550 mm

Machine length (mm): 550 mm

Machine height (mm): 1.500 mm

Energy consumption: 380v. 5 kw/h.

Air consumption: 100 lt/h.