Filling with Flowmeter

2.1. The filling machine will have the following features.

Number of packages to be filled at the same time: 8 pieces

Number of filling cycles per minute: 8

Fillable grammage range: 150 – 1.150 ml

Length of nozzles (for bottom filling): 330mm

Stainless Quality to be Used: AISI 304 / Surfaces in contact with the product 316

Felt and o-ring material to be used: Nutring

Filling working system: Servo Motor, Volumetric

Nozzle operating system: Servo Motor

Pneumatic brands used: Gy.Pag, Pneumax, Jelpc

Sensor brands used: Sick, Banner, Bedok, Isıso

Brands of electronic materials used: Delta, GMT, Siemens, Telemecanique

Hourly filling capacity at maximum grammage: 500 – 2,500 pieces/h.

Machine width (mm): 1550 mm

Machine length (mm) / conveyor belt: 1.650 mm / 6.000 mm

Machine height (mm): 2,000 mm

Automation control method: PLC and 7” color touch screen - with prescription

Energy consumption: 380v. 5 kw/h.

Air consumption: 200 lt/h.

2.2. There will be sensors on the conveyor at the entrance and exit of the filling machine. It will fill the packages by counting them and will not fill them in vain when the package supply is cut off.

2.3. The conveyor moving under the packaging may be stopped or slowed down during filling. In this way, deformation arising from friction under the packaging during filling will be prevented and energy savings will be achieved. At the same time, convenience will be provided to the personnel feeding the lids.