Two Side Labelling Machine

  • Labelling applicators with servo motors
  • Suitable for one side, two side and round bottles
  • Bottle fixing belts before labelling
  • Immobilization belts(from top) for labelling
  • Etiket çıkışı yuvarlak şişe sarma bandı (opsiyonel)
  • All machine parts are stainless teel AISI 304
  • 20m per minute speed of label graze and sticikng
  • High quality sensors that can work on transparent, gilding and any color
  • Automation with PLC and color touchscreen
  • 3 meter conveyor length

Our labelling machines senses the bottle from the enter point and label it with choosen labelling type and transfers them to exit point. Also organize the bottles before labelling and stabilize them when labelling happens with top pressure belt.

  1. Bileşim Kimya – 2 pieces
  2. Yıldız Mikronize Kimya – 1 piece
  3. Titiz Temizlik – 1 piece
  4. Güleç Kimya – 1 piece
  5. Şahhane İçecek – 1 piece
  6. Borland Enerji – 1 piece
  7. Javel Kimya – 1 piece
  8. Kimpa Kozmetik – 1 piece
  9. Galata Kozmetik – 1 piece
  10. Atasay Kimya – 2 pieces
  11. Kosova – 1 piece
  12. EB İdeal Kimya – 1 piece
  13. Nahçıvan – 1 piece

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