Filling Machine with Flowmeter

  • 6 or 8 filling nozzle(optional)
  • Filling system with elegtromagnetic flowmeter
  • Seperate flowmeters for every filling nozzles
  • If any of the nozzles malfunction, it can be cancelled from the system and production continues
  • Suitable for 200ml to 6000ml bottles
  • Filling process is made with stainless steel pump and fillin speed is adjustable
  • Nozzles are specially made for fettering the drops, providing a high flow and minimize the bubbling
  • There is no need for straining with reverse cup centering feature found on nozzles
  • No bottle, no filling. When the nozzles can’t center the bottle machine stops automatically.
  • Up/down movement system with servo motor
  • Servo motor’s assembling style provides an extra durability
  • The system used in nozzle movement provides a maximum speed with minimum energy
  • Nozzle gaps are adjustable with servo motor system
  • Surface touches the product are AISI 316,all other surfaces are AISI 304 stainless steel
  • Acrylic glasses used on our machine is durable to alcohol and transparent
  • Pouring liquids inside the cabin eject from discharge pools, easy cleaning
  • Product filling pump speed, conveyor speed, nozzle movement measures and speeds, nozzle witdh measures, adjustable time settings, and product name can be easily changed from HMI and can be memorized. There are 99 recipe memory
  • Multi-langauge screen design
  • Origins: Flowmeter: Germany. Pneumatic Parts: Italy. Electronic Parts: Germany, Japan and Taiwan
  • Flowmeters are Krohne brand, Batchflux 5500C model, surface inside is ceramic, outside is 316, prob is cermet

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