Linear Capping Machine

  • Width and length adjustable for bottles
  • Suitable for Pump, Triger, Push-Pull and all other detergent caps
  • Linear working design
  • 4 pcs bottle holder band
  • 1 piece capping band
  • 1 piece torque adjust band
  • Capping capacity up to 6000 pcs cap per hour

Our universal capping machine works linear. The operator drops the bottles to the enter point of the machine without tighteening the cap and takes the bottles tightened with wanted torque from the exit point. Linear working plan resolve the capacity problem and like labelling machine it closes the bottles witohout stopping them. If wanted, bottle cap aline unit can be integrated before the capping machine.

  1. Bileşim Kimya – 2 pieces
  2. Güleç Kimya – 1 piece with 8 nozzles
  3. Atasay Kimya – 2 pieces

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