About Us

HAR Machine Corp., found to serve about Liquid Filling Machine and Industrial Automation. Our company that merging it’s experienced staff with responsibility of following technological improvements closely is maintaining it’s activity in this sector with linear increasing chart.

Machines that will be produced are firstly model in computer base than we take their technical drawings and simulate them. After that we begin to production without any faults. Including automation system all the parts of the machines are our manufacturing. That is why we are trying to keep the customer satisfaction at maximum with our after sale services.

Our principle; first human, our staff and customer satisfaction. All our investments are for human. There is an association about trust in our company. We reflect this trust to our customers. It is more important to gain our customer’s trust than money. Technical quality of our staff is reflecting directly to our projects. That is bringing us customer’s satisfaction. Our biggest principle; making affective, optimum cost and quality solutions in the direction of customer’s need with out technically experienced staff. Our target; being permanent in this sector, to grow and determine the standarts.

Our company does;

  • Design and application of turnkey automation systems,
  • Producing filling machines for detergent, cosmetic and food sector,
  • Labelling machines with Herma module,
  • Our production labelling machines with servo motor,
  • Capping machines,
  • Modernizing projects in all stages of production,
  • Increasing quality and capacity in your present facilities,
  • R&D engineering special to your needs,
  • Machine assembly,
  • System integration,
  • Service and maintenance,
  • PLC system configuration and programming,

Countries that have our machines: Sweden, Germany, Albania, Kosovo, Russsia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Nakhichevan, Iraq, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, United Arab Emirates, Angola.